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Does your company need technology guidance? Our IT consultants can help!

Not sure what you need to expand your company in the next year? Have one of our consultants come to your office for a free system analysis.

Technology can be daunting to business owners and executives. Businesses need IT to operate, but how do you know you're getting the best return on your hard-earned IT investments? With so many options out there, many of them very expensive, businesses can build fragmented systems that work against the business rather than for it. As a business owner or executive, you spend a lot of time strategizing about how to position your company, finance it, operate it, and win in the marketplace, yet IT is often pulled together at the time of need without a cohesive strategy and does little to move the company in its strategic direction.

At Laris, we have a deep bench of battle-tested former CIOs and CTOs from large, medium, and small businesses, agencies, and NGOs, who know how to craft the IT strategy and make sure that you're IT spend and organization is working to move your strategic needle.

Call us and let us help you develop your strategic IT plans, build your roadmaps, develop your IT portfolios and budgets, and implement IT organizational changes and processes so that all of your IT resources are working to acheive your strategic goals.

Program/Project Management

Program/Project Management

Not sure whether to build or buy? Have a business problem, but don't know which direction to take? Have projects that are floundering and need a rescue? Just getting started on a project and need strong leadership to make sure it deliver? Our experienced leaders have years of hands-on project leadership and management, and can help you realize the value you expect from your IT investments.
 Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Did you know that of the companies that suffer an IT disaster, 43% never reopen, 51% close within two years, and 6% survive long term? When disaster strikes your company's IT systems, can you survive the impact? If you said no, let our seasoned and tested experts turn that to a yes by developing and testing plans to recover from calamity and sustain your operations so that you can sleep at night.

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